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A Performance Zone for the Modern Executive

Reach your peak performance — the Zone of optimal functioning and flow.

This is the future of executive performance – designed with analytics. Improve performance, optimize health and increase resilience.

Using genetics, epigenetics and your biometric analytics we help you experience life at your full potential. Invest in yourself, your health and performance.

about Terry Clark

Terry Clark is a high energy professional with extensive experience in Federal law enforcement and intelligence for 30+ years. He understands exactly where you are coming from and the challenges for executives and teams to operate at peak performance. Terry is a Certified Epigenetics Human Potential & Performance Coach able to get you and your team into an optimized zone of functioning and flow.

An optimized way to perform in the Zone!

Terry Clark uses analytic-based methods that have been developed to help manage the physical and mental stresses placed on executives, law enforcement, and first responders. These methodologies can be adapted to help manage the physical and mental stresses that are placed upon you by these professions. Experience…

optimized physical

better response
to crisis

improved response
to stress


Better Cognitive

enchanced decision

greater emotional

reaction times

Get Actionable Information from Your Genetic Data

With your unique genetic data and analytics we provide guidance on lifestyle choices for these six key performance areas: Nutrition, Supplementation, Sleep, Environment health, Athletic performance, and Hormones. Optimize your performance.
Terry Clark Performance Expert

Practical Wellness Strategies From a Former Federal Agent

by Terry Clark, Performance Optimization Expert As a former federal agent of ATF (Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco Firearms and Explosives) optimization is our lifeline. Some may have received the class on
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Improve Your Sleep by Adjusting The Temperature

Improve Your Sleep by Adjusting The Temperature When we sleep, and sleep well, we feel better physically and mentally, and perform better during the day. There are many things that
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Why Employers Should Invest in Brain Training Law enforcement officers are called on to make split-second decisions that can have life or death consequences. Researchers posited that faster and more accurate decisions under tighter control could
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The Zone of Optimal Functioning & Flow

Reach peak performance — the zone of optimal functioning and flow. There are science-based methods that have been developed to help manage the physical and mental stresses placed on executives,
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Epigenetics: Maintain your Optimal Flow State in Extradordinary Challenges (a tactical team approach)

Coming soon.
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Wearable Technology and the Analytics for Your Performance

What can you learn from these data points?

As a high performing professional you need to always be ready for the extreme challenge. There is no margin for error when lives are on the line. Long hours and highly stressful environments are the norm. Maintaining your edge as the years pass is a requirement for any professional.

Terry Clark

Does this sound familiar?

Stressed? Burnout? Had enough? Zero Focus? Sleep Deprivation? Tired all the time? Lack of Muscle? Aging too fast? CONTACT US TODAY!