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about Terry

I am often asked this question:

“How did you transition from a Federal Agent into Epigenetic Performance Coaching?”

Terry’s route to epigenetic performance & lifestyle coaching emerged from a lifetime of reaching for his own biological optimization. As a lifelong athlete he was tickled to refer to himself as a “professional athlete” because, as a Federal Agent for 24 years, he got 4 hours per week to work out. An insatiable curiosity and a passion for the hard sciences built a basis of knowledge that is very valuable in identifying patterns and trends and the significant anomaly in client’s challenges in achieving their own best life.

While his talents for investigation and analysis were critical to success as a Federal agent, the study and practice of Gestalt as learned in Organization and Systems Theory became increasingly important as did the advanced interviewing body of knowledge in understanding the human way of relating to ourselves and others.

Terry understands first-hand how a stressful and taxing career can challenge your body and mind’s ability to perform at its highest level. Identifying the links between a client’s current lifestyle and impediments to optimization is just a first step in the epigenetic coaching model. 

Does this sound familiar?

Stressed? Burnout? Had enough? Zero Focus? Sleep Deprivation? Tired all the time? Lack of Muscle? Aging too fast? CONTACT US TODAY!